Feb 8, 2015

My Witness

I have been wanting to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon for some time, but have neglected to do so. This morning I was impressed that I should at least write it down, so here goes. 
After my relationship with God, my strongest testimony is about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Ever since I received a witness from the Spirit of it's correctness, just before leaving on my mission at age 20, I have know that it is a true and divine record. It is the anchor that brings me back every time I have any doubts. For since it is true, then everything else must be true as well, and the prophet who reveal it must be God's messenger as claimed.
And since I have studied the geography of the book for the last 20 years, my witness has been strengthen.  For a history to be true it must have a location, and I have been blessed to have been there and witnessed the places. I have walked across the Narrow Neck of Land. I have swam in the lovely Waters of Mormon. I have surveyed the broad Valley of Helam, and watched them harvest bananas in the beautiful Valley of Alma. I have traveled the Land of Nephi and visited Nephi's gold mines. I have contemplated the Nephite/Lamanite battles near Manti, while sitting on the banks of the River Sidon. I have driven by the city of Zarahemla during a rainstorm. I have swam in the east sea near Moroni, and waded in the west sea where Hagoth built his ships. I have lived for a year and a half in the Land of Melek. I have driven through the Narrow Pass a number of times, and last year my brother and I located the city that Lib built, near the Place Where the Sea Divides the Land. All these experiences, and many others, have built a more sure foundation for my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It is true!  The places were real, the history is true and the authors of the book were faithful disciples of the living Christ.